Distribution Management Services (DMS)

Last mile distribution management for retail networks.


The Challenge

Retailers, brands and distributors are increasingly challenged to get the right product to the right place, in time to meet consumer demand.

Today’s consumer has a choice to buy online or in different retail formats, ranging from shop-in-shops to different franchise formulas.

This, together with omni-channel developments as ship-from-store and click & collect has made retail space even more fragmented and demand even less predictable.

The result: your products in the wrong (expensive) retail space, disappointed consumers and margin waste from unnecessary discounts and stock-outs.

The biggest margin killers of any shelf are shortages and redundancy. Push-dominated supply chains generate waste, known as discounts and lost sales. The potential for improvement in shelf productivity is significant when the last mile to the shelf can respond to real demand. It is our mission to capture that potential and improve your Return on Inventory.
Jasper Zeelenberg, founder Retailisation.

Last Mile Distribution

Store assortments always consist of fast movers, slow movers and items that do not sell at all. While fast movers may contribute 80% to the sales, they typically make up less than 20% of any store assortment. Getting the distribution right in the last mile to stores is therefore critical.

Rather than basing this distribution on a forecast, our software quickly recognizes these fast movers in each location and continually responds to real demand by automatically adjusting inventory buffers everywhere.

With DMS, you maintain high shelf-availability everywhere, increasing your sales, margins and inventory turns in the last mile retail network.

How does it work?

Your own platform

Our clients are typically well known brands and retailers in the fashion and sporting goods industry, although we also operate in other sectors.  Each client receives their own DMS platform. After users assign (allocate) products to retail locations, the software determines the product flow necessary to generate the most cash the quickest.

We interface with most ERP systems and back-office software.

Onboarding Steps

Each DMS network is dependent on data, delivered daily. Our on-boarding process ensures that data can be exchanged within a month. Technical onboarding is achieved in a one-day workshop with the right people from your organisation.

After we measure the extra margin potential in your last mile to retail, you can decide to run a pilot (no strings). The pilot gives full functionality of the system for a limited time and a restricted network scope.

Transition to a full subscription is seamless and reports and analyses are configurable to fit your company standards.

Quick implementation

DMS requires daily data from all points of sale and distribution. Our on-boarding process assures  that this data can be exchanged quickly, reliably and securely.

Flexible contracts

DMS agreements span across multiple retail channels and partnership models such as consignment or vendor managed inventory. Scalable from just a few stores to thousands of retail locations, webshops and multiple points of distribution.

High returns

Zero investment for implementation and pay as you go terms assures you of high returns across your retail channels.

Results and References

  • 75% out of stock reduction with only 10% more inventory
  • same availability with 39% less inventory
  • more sales with less stock, a great system

References are available. We look forward to talk to you.


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