ROI E1 - Solving the Retailer's Dilemma

Jasper Zeelenberg
December 6, 2022
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During this first episode of the Return On Inventory podcast, Dr Alan Barnard and Jasper Zeelenberg help you solve the Retailer's Dilemma of facing ongoing shortages and surpluses, even during seasonal peaks.


(2:20) How to think about events LIKE Black Friday in retail. (It's not about stacking 'em high and selling 'em cheap!)

(05:14) The real cost of surpluses

(08:20) The fundamental problem with depending on forecasts for meeting demand

(12:27) Common misconceptions regarding (responsive) supply chains

(17:38) Unsustainable overproduction throughout the fashion & sporting goods industries

(18:34) How retailers like Zara (Inditex) and SHEIN are leading the way in sustainability (contrary to popular belief) on top of profitability

(21:07) Learnings from reducing lead times and how to properly approach reducing lead times

(27:33) Applying wisdom from Eli Goldratt inside retail supply chains

(31:52) Simple tactics for dealing with Black Friday and similar spikes in demand

(40:42 The challenge of offering a variety in your assortment vs not selling any of it

(43:17) Outdated and counter-productive KPIs driving misalignment throughout retail supply chains

(49:51) Various metrics that retailers should be measuring and how to monitor them

(52:23) Summarising the key takeaways for solving the Retailer’s Dilemma

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Jasper Zeelenberg
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