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How DK Company increased sales by 46% while decreasing inventory by 15% in 5 weeks

Here's how we helped DK Company increase sales by 46% while decreasing inventory by 15% in 5 weeks
Jasper Zeelenberg
January 13, 2023

Return On Inventory Episode #1 - Solving the Retailer's Dilemma

During this first episode of the Return On Inventory podcast, Dr Alan Barnard and Jasper Zeelenberg help you solve the Retailer's Dilemma of facing ongoing shortages and surpluses, even during seasonal peaks.
Jasper Zeelenberg
December 6, 2022

How Supply Chains Can Evolve From Stock Risk To Profit For All Parties

A Responsive Supply Chain (RSC) is able to provide both the advantage of being well adapted (efficient), while retaining the flexibility to change quickly to new realities.
Jasper Zeelenberg

Merchandising Evolution And The Future Of Merchandising

A digital-first strategy is now a vital survival trait for any brand that intends on remaining relevant in a world where shopping will become increasingly digital.
Jasper Zeelenberg

Understock And Overstock Explained

Too much inventory leads to markdowns and unnecessary employment of capital and too little leads to lost sales and erosion of market share.
Jasper Zeelenberg

The Advantages Of Vertical Expansion – In Good Times And Bad

While horizontal expansion has serious advantages in terms of the economies of scale and scope, it is a high-risk strategy. It is a perfect example of putting all your eggs in one basket.
Jasper Zeelenberg

How Multi-Brand Retailers Can Keep Up With Consumers

While enthusiasm about business models such as D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) is easy to find, there are numerous ways that multi-brand retailers can continue to retain a vital role in the market.
Jasper Zeelenberg

The Strain Of COVID On Retailers – How Vertical Integration Gives Companies Resilience

While the 2020-21 COVID 19 pandemic hasn’t been much fun, it has given us all the chance to re-evaluate our working methods and find new ways to succeed in challenging times.
Jasper Zeelenberg

Visual Merchandising: New Approaches In The Digital Age

The practice of visual merchandising aims to show potential buyers specific qualities of a product, or to show it in a certain context to encourage a sale.
Jasper Zeelenberg

How Vertical Integration Helps Fashion Leaders Grow

There are numerous examples of vertically integrated businesses, including some of the highest-valued companies on the equities markets.
Jasper Zeelenberg

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