ROI E2 - Why Focussing on the Wrong Metrics is Hurting Retailers and How to Solve it

Jasper Zeelenberg
January 20, 2023
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During this second episode of the Return On Inventory podcast, Dr Alan Barnard and Jasper Zeelenberg provide you with the framework for evaluating and choosing the right metrics as a retail organisation.

Expect actionable takeaways, hilarious (and insightful) anecdotes and expert knowledge about all the key metrics that make up a retailer's profitability.


  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (2:23) The 3 criteria for evaluating the value of a metric
  • (8:02) Why really good metrics are often ratio’s
  • (12:07) How to calculate true profitability
  • (15:08) En example for when increasing costs in the short term can deliver great results in the long term
  • (16:50) How to (actually) audit your metrics
  • (19:25) On-shelf availability (OSA)
  • (22:10) Average rate of sale
  • (23:26) How metrics of averages lead to errors
  • (26:22) Initial markup (IMU)
  • (28:52) Cost per unit shipped
  • (30:38) How to optimise decisions for the business as a whole
  • (33:15) Why individuals’ good intentions may come into conflict with business results
  • (38:00) Everything to know about supply and demand lead times
  • (48:38) Quick wins and key takeaways

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Jasper Zeelenberg
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