Join Retailisation in eliminating waste from supply chains

When supply chains to retail globally produce on average 40% more than they consume, and customers can often still not find what they are looking for, they require a step change before they can be called effective and sustainable.  

A responsive supply chain effectively deals with changes in supply and demand, and with increasing complexity.
Data and new technology provide the necessary ingredients for good decisions and continuous improvement.

We help retailers reinvent their supply chains to bring about this necessary transformation and eliminate waste together.

We make retailers grow faster, sustainably and profitably

Retailers of all levels of complexity work with us to improve their top and bottom line, and become more sustainable in the process.

Average reduction in total inventory needs
Average increase in aggregate sales volume

Meet your strategic partners

Retailisation brings together decades of experience in complex retail organisations, supply chain strategy, decision-science and software development.

"When supply and demand are not in sync, supply chains generate waste, known as discounts and lost sales. The potential for improvement is huge.

It is our goal to capture that potential and maximise supply chain throughput and Return On Inventory."
Jasper Zeelenberg
Founder, Retailisation
"The development of technological breakthroughs to solve the world's biggest problems is one of my greatest passions.

The enormous amount of waste created by unresponsive supply chains, from fashion to book publishing, is at the top of my list of problems."
Roel Smelt
Managing Director, Retailisation
Strategic simulation provider
"A Digital Twin is simply the best way to make mission-critical decisions within your retail organisation. Simply press the play button to simulate changes to your whole supply chain, and see what the total impact would be.

Because what you can’t quantify, you can’t justify..."
Dr Alan Barnard
CEO, Goldratt Research Labs

Supported by our operational team

Henk van Blitterswijk
Hans Duijn

Our partners in eliminating waste

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