Roel Smelt becomes managing director and partner at Retailisation after highly successful start as interim COO

Jasper Zeelenberg
June 30, 2023
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Looking to improve operational efficiency, Jasper Zeelenberg, founder of Retailisation, brought in operational veteran Roel Smelt.

Roel brings operational excellence with an impressive track record including successful turnarounds and exits.

Combined with expert knowledge of the Theory Of Constraints after having discovered it in ‘97, the match with Retailisation was perfect.

Together, Jasper and Roel are shifting gears in the strategy, including forming a partnership with Goldratt Research Labs. This collaboration allows them to work closely with founder and CEO Dr. Alan Barnard to provide retail digital twin simulations to gain strategic insights that fuel and demonstrate the impact of Retailisation.

The shared goal is to eliminate waste in the retail industry, which is notorious for wasting 40% of what it produces.

With a shared long-term vision, Alan, Jasper and Roel will also be joining forces in educating the retail industry on exactly how to tackle that massive 40%, as well as all of the intricate challenges facing retailers today.

To achieve this goal, the first conversations between the three of them are already being recorded and soon a recurring live session will launch. Retail leaders across the world can get their questions answered for free, by these experts in retail strategy and transformation management.

If you would like to ask strategic questions during one of the sessions, or learn more about Roel’s background, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jasper Zeelenberg
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